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Click on the links below to review photos from the many events that were held over a period of three years leading up to and during the 150 year celebration on July 27 through 31, 2005 in Girard, Illinois.

KICK Off Dinner
FEB 12, 2005

Opening Ceremony and
Citizen of the Year


All Around The Festival

Miss Girard Pageant

Pleasant Hill Village

Little Miss / Mister Girard Pageant

Kids Races

Talent Contest

Kid’s Pioneer Games

Period Fashion Show

Dog Costume Contest

Bed Turning And Quilts

Circus (Fundraiser)
Sept 29 2004

Contests And Games

Historical Museum

Cardboard Boat Regatta
Sept 2005

Special thanks to those who submitted photos:
Candy Woodruff, Tony Kmiecek, Nathan Jones, Janice Smith, Debra Burnett, Becky Bishop and the numerous Sesquicentennial committee members, friends and family who snapped photos during the five day celebration.

Photo Gallery

Terry Allen

Jean & Karl Ball

Amanda Barnes

Becky Barnes

Carolynn Bettis

Allen Boehler

Scott Boehler

Jeff Boston

John Boston

Mary Jo Brown

Don Burgess

Sherry Case

Dawn Cherry

Linda Coker

Bill Deck

Bob Deck

John & Jeanette Earley

Kim Eldridge

Gayle Fickas

Maggie Filson

Marilyn Galvan

Betty Garbin

George & Lorraine Hart

Tausha & Bill Hart

Pamela Hawkins

Kathy Hopkins

Travis Hopkins

JD Hudson

Stu Hunt

Barb & Darrell Jessen

Taurie Jones

Tim & Lynn Jones

Ken Kelnhofer

Tracy Kessler

Linda & Tony Kmiecik

Carol Kruse

Tonya Lancaster

Joyce Matuska

Paulette Miller

Pat Mount

Vicky Ploskonka

Jarrod Powell

Josh Powell

Deb Proctor

John Prose

Dan Reels

Emil & Vicki Rose

Juanita Rule

Shirley Sigley

Dave Smith

Tami Snyder

Thelma Dean Stewart

John & Debbie Talbert

Adam Wallace

Pam Wallace

Joyce Atteberry

Ralph Drake

Committee Chairman
Bill Prose

Committee Treasurer
Debra Burnett

Sesquicentennial Committee History Committee

Jeff Boston, Chairman

Shirley Sigley, Treasurer

Carolynn Bettis, Robert "Bob" Deck, Wyman "Bill" Deck, Marilyn Galvan, Kathy Hopkins

Ken Kelnhofer, Linda Kmiecik, John Prose, Emil Rose, Thelma Dean Stewart

Decorating Committee

Kathy Hopkins , Chairman

Terry Allen, Becky Barnes, Mary Jo Brown, Dawn Cherry, Pamela Hawkins, Stu Hunt Pat Mount, Viki Rose, Dave Smith, Tami Snyder, Debbie Talbert

Parade Committee

Barbara Jessen, Co-Chairman

Gayle Fickas, Co-Chairman

Amanda Barnes, Allen Boehler, Linda Coker, Bill Deck, Betty Garbin, Tracy Kessler Carol Kruse, Vicky Ploskonka, Jarrod Powell, Josh Powell, Deb Proctor, Dan Reels, Pam Wallace

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